TTS23 in the Galapagos Islands

TTS23 in the Galapagos Islands
From left to right: Scout, Lindsey, Sophie, Feyza, Erin, Caroline, Lena, Susannah, Charlotte, Rebecca, Allie, Hannah, Alizah, Maisie, Anne, Kate, Courtney

Sunday, February 2, 2014

So all of the girls arrived in Miami. A couple of them hadn't arrived yet when this post-swimming test photo was taken. The weather in Miami was in the low 80's so much nicer than most of the rest of the U.S. We met in the lobby at 7pm and made the short walk to a restaurant in the Marriott. After burgers, quesadillas, or Cuban sandwiches we went back to the Mangrove Room to learn more about the staff (amazing staff!) and see a few photo highlights of what the girls will see on their trip.

The teachers that will accompany our daughters on this amazing, life changing experience are very well qualified - both in world travel and in experiential teaching. I'm very excited for the impact this trip will have on the girls as they learn and bond together.

Just another hour before we say our final farewells. The pack checks have been done and the backpacks are stuffed and ready for the journey.

Have a wonderful trip girls!


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