TTS23 in the Galapagos Islands

TTS23 in the Galapagos Islands
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Thursday, February 13, 2014

and then there was Internet access . . . .

Hey Everyone!

I am in a tiny internet cafe in Otavalo, Ecuador! The key boards are totally different, and the three years I have spent in Spanish class seem like one week. I have a hard time understanding everyone and they with me! I only have few minutes before I have to head back to my hostel but I wanted to say hi to all of you, even if we couldn't do it face to face! I am definitely having some homesickness and a little culture shock, but other than that I am having a blast! I have made so many friends already and I am learning new things everyday. Everything I learn is so practical. Like the drilling of the oil in the Amazon and the difference between Spaniards and the Quichua people. This week I am living with a Quichua family who so humbly offered me and some of my classmates this amazing experience!

I will surely write all about it but for now, for those of you who have no read The Queen Of Water, GO BUY IT! I am almost done and it is a great easy read. I get to meet the woman who is the main charactor of this true story soon! She lives here in Otavalo!

Got to head out!

Love you all!
Kate, Junior, MT

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  1. Maria Virginia is so inspiring! Good to hear all is well with TTS23 :)