TTS23 in the Galapagos Islands

TTS23 in the Galapagos Islands
From left to right: Scout, Lindsey, Sophie, Feyza, Erin, Caroline, Lena, Susannah, Charlotte, Rebecca, Allie, Hannah, Alizah, Maisie, Anne, Kate, Courtney

Monday, February 17, 2014

I tried to chirp in when the phone call came, but I failed at blogging.  To sum it up, I was anxious about skype and spent a good two hours trying to make certain Erin would call the correct account, know her password and username (which she did not), have money on the accounts, and make certain I was logged in so I could hear it ring.  The bottom line, all went smoothly and it was heaven to see her smiley face and hear her little voice being with that familiar, "Hi momma!"  I was so thrilled that I forgot to ask many questions of detail, but her face said it all.  Now I just play that memory over and over in my head anxious to hear about the home stay.

Speaking of home stays and reading subject studies, I sure hope Erin gets a course in orderliness and cleanliness.  As much as I miss her, I was delighted to get her bathroom sanitized and know it will stay that way for 3 more months.  I was also delighted to slip into her closet and pile of clothes and make a mass removal of anything I know she hasn't put on her body this school year.  Although she is a minimalist and living out of a backpack suits her, she fails to get rid of anything she doesn't wear anymore. That opportunity has come for me to find endless clothes to pass along to goodwill.  Good luck to the teachers and girls that get the opportunity to share space with Erin.  I hope you have a good sense of humor. :)

Momma Megan

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