TTS23 in the Galapagos Islands

TTS23 in the Galapagos Islands
From left to right: Scout, Lindsey, Sophie, Feyza, Erin, Caroline, Lena, Susannah, Charlotte, Rebecca, Allie, Hannah, Alizah, Maisie, Anne, Kate, Courtney

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Santa Cruz trek conquered

Just a little nugget to tide you over until students post stories about the trail.

Most popular trail game- If you really knew me, you would know...

Best dancing game at camp - Little Sally Walker

Daily intentions: Hike with someone new and spend time in the moment

On the last night, Heather Foran led a powerful chanting song in the dining tent to feel the immensity of the mountains and the bond between the group.

Currently, tunes are blasting through the mini speakers at the hostel as cook crew chops up ginger and onions as part of an amazing dinner with everyone hanging around, enjoying one another.

Erin is currently creating tomorrow's schedule as the first chieflet.

Stay tuned... the group will take an overnight bus to Lima and then fly to Cusco for the second Campus Visit. 

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